Elevate A Book’s Appeal

Custom embellishments in book printing refer to decorative and special finishes applied to a book’s cover or pages to enhance its appearance and make it stand out. These embellishments can add a unique and luxurious touch to printed materials.
Ink Asia Group-142-1 Embellishments

Common Custom
Embellishments We Offer

Ink Asia 1 Embellishments


Foil stamping involves applying a thin metallic or colored foil onto the book cover or specific elements like titles, text, or graphics. It creates a shiny and eye-catching effect

Ink Asia 2 Embellishments


Embossing raises certain areas of the book cover or pages, creating a three-dimensional effect. This technique is often used for logos, titles, or patterns

Ink Asia 3 Embellishments


Debossing presses areas inward, creating a depressed or indented design. This technique is often used for logos, titles or patterns

Ink Asia 4 Embellishments


Spot UV coating involves applying a glossy, transparent varnish to specific areas of the book cover or pages. This can create a contrast between matte and glossy finishes, highlighting specific elements

Ink Asia 5-1 Embellishments


Die cutting involves cutting custom shapes or patterns into the book cover or pages. This can be used to create unique cutouts, windows, or intricate designs

Ink Asia 6-1 Embellishments


Lamination involves applying a thin plastic film to the book cover for added protection and a glossy finish. It can also be done with a matte or soft-touch finish for a more elegant feel

Ink Asia 7 Embellishments


Using textured paper for the book cover or pages can add tactile interest. Common textures include linen, felt, or embossed patterns

Ink Asia 8 Embellishments


Adding ribbon markers or bookmark inserts to a book provides practical functionality while also adding a decorative element

Ink Asia 9-1 Embellishments


Edge colouring involves colouring the edges of the book’s pages to match the cover or provide a unique contrast. This technique is often used in high-end and specialty editions

Ink Asia 10 Embellishments


Gilding is the process of applying a metallic finish to the edges of the book’s pages. It can create a luxurious and eye-catching effect

Ink Asia 12 Embellishments


Designing custom dust jackets with unique artwork, patterns, or finishes can enhance the overall appearance of a book

Ink Asia 13 Embellishments


Hand-binding involves the use of traditional bookbinding techniques, which can include hand-sewn bindings, leather covers, and hand-decorated elements

Ink Asia 11 Embellishments


Uses the process of a thin, metallic or plastic film with a holographic pattern embossed onto its surface. The pattern consists of intricate, micro-scale designs that diffract light in a way that creates the illusion of depth, movement, and a spectrum of colours

Ink Asia Wire-O-Binding-1 Embellishments


Provides a secure place to store personal thoughts, ideas and memories for all ages. Available in different sizes and colours

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